Who Are We?

Zz Athletic Wear is a clothing brand founded by a father and son team based in New Jersey. After facing and overcoming personal challenges and hardships of our own, we realized that surrounding yourself with a strong support system, staying active, and prioritizing health, are key to not letting life’s difficulties stop you from achieving your dreams. Motivated by this belief, we created a brand that offers quality athletic wear that empowers others through our slogan and ethos “Make It Happen”.

At Zz Athletic Wear, we strive to create a family and support system where everyone is motivated to “Make It Happen” despite life’s challenges. We provide value through the content and clothing we create, ensuring that our Zz family is equipped with the motivation and attire needed to succeed.

Together we can build a future where dreams are made possible by the strength of our Zz family, represented by the clothing we provide.


Our Emblem 

Our emblem integrates two letter Z’s for their bold appearance and distinctive sound. The circle connecting them symbolizes our commitment to our community, representing unity within the Zz Family. Our slogan, “Make It Happen,” embodies this dedication, defines our emblem, and reinforces the values of our brand.